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Are you facing barriers in expanding your influence in business meetings? Does the fear of public speaking limit your professional opportunities? Our online courses are designed to empower you with the mastery of verbal and non-verbal communication at your own pace. Discover how to conquer the fear of public speaking, learn debate techniques, and relaxation methods that will make you a confident and persuasive speaker.

During individual or group mentoring and coaching, we dive deeper into both understanding and enhancing the theory by applying it through various exercises and scenarios. This practical approach helps you elevate your communication skills, directly impacting your professional growth and business success.

Our courses cover all the essential theories needed to build your communication capabilities. The content is segmented into clear and coherent sections, making the learning process smooth and straightforward.

Join us to gain the tools you need for success in the business world and beyond.

Nonverbal communication

Duration: 6 days

Most people do not realize that the great majority of communication is non-verbal. Whenever we speak, our brain sends information to different parts of our body to display the message we want to convey. If you observe the gesture, posture, and facial expressions of a speaker, you can easily identify what exactly they want to say.

Whether you’re meeting one-on-one with a friend, sitting in a business meeting, or giving a presentation, you need to know how to use nonverbal communication to your advantage. Do you want to learn how to recognize a lie and how to adapt your communication to suit any situation?

This non-verbal communication course is ideal for anyone who wants to gain and improve their knowledge of body language, lie detection, social skills, and communication skills.

Verbal communication

Duration: 6 days

Do you have trouble finding the right words when explaining things in important situations, such as interviews, presentations, meetings, phone calls or video conferences? Do you get anxiousnervousconfusedtalk too fast or even stutter?

If you answered yes to any of the above, relax… help is here! If you have trouble speaking well, this verbal communication course can change your life.

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Relaxation techniques

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Relaxation Techniques Course Coming Soon!

Debate techniques

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Debate techniques course coming soon!
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