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Overcoming personal blocks for business success.

Are You Held Back by Hidden Barriers?
Are hidden obstacles holding back your business breakthrough? What if the only thing separating you from your next big breakthrough is an obstacle you haven’t yet noticed? Discover our ‘Back to the Roots’ program, which will help you identify and overcome these hidden challenges and start your journey to personal and professional mastery today.

In a world where business dynamics are constantly changing, it is crucial to not only understand external challenges but also recognize your internal limitations that affect your performance and decisions.

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Ursha Kamenik

CEO, Uconnect Solutions

For six years, we have refined the 'Back to the Roots' program to excellence, shaping potential leaders for peak performance and success.

Equip your leadership skills with the knowledge you need for successful leadership in today’s rapidly changing world.

Solo Roots

1 person

Threefold Roots

3 people

Fivefold Roots

5 people

Procedure and Expectations

* To protect personal information, the names are fictional.

Why Ursha?

Ursha is an experienced professional in business and brand development with a master’s degree in international economics and a background in English and analytical philosophy.

She has gained key experiences at institutions such as Heinrich Heine College in Düsseldorf and Twin Orchard Country Club in Chicago. In her career, she has led numerous projects in public speaking, communication, and debating.

Her 9-year journey in business growth extends to northern countries and five U.S. states, especially in sectors such as mechanical engineering, automotive, e-commerce, architecture, and healthcare. Ursha, fluent in five languages, offers a unique insight into global business dynamics with her diverse international experiences.

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