Who are we?

Welcome to Uconnect Solutions, your premier partner for integrated business solutions and personal growth.

At Uconnect Solutions, we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of your business and your people. Our services range from in-depth market analysis and strategic business consulting to transformative personal development programs and event management.

As a versatile team, we excel in adapting our strategies to meet the unique needs of both companies and individuals.

Whether you are looking to expand your market reach, enhance internal capabilities, or elevate your personal success, Uconnect Solutions stands ready to guide you every step of the way.

Uconnect Solutions:
Connecting You to Success

Whether you are aiming to “Connect with the Market” through our bespoke market analysis and business consulting, “Connect with Yourself” via our certified personal growth coaching and Back to the Roots program, or “Connect with Others” through our expert event organization, our tailored services ensure you achieve your goals. At Uconnect, we don’t just advise—we empower.

Ursha: Unleash Business and Strategic Mastery

Ursha is a distinguished expert in business development, specializing in market expansion and corporate consulting to elevate businesses and individual entrepreneurs alike.

With a professional background in International Business and Economics (Business development, B2B sales), Analytical Philosophy, and English Studies, she offers a suite of services tailored to foster growth and strategic innovation.

Her expertise spans targeted market analysis, comprehensive business consulting, team management and communication trainings and the ‘Back to the Roots’ coaching program, designed to empower individuals to identify and overcome their personal and professional barriers for more informed decision-making.

Partner with Ursha to harness strategic insights and achieve unparalleled success.

Ana: Empower Your Growth

Ana brings a wealth of experience to Uconnect Solutions, backed by her internationally certified coaching credentials accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

With 18 years of diverse experience in human resources, and team development, Ana offers personalized coaching services that foster personal growth and professional advancement.

Her expertise in personal and business coaching complements her role in orchestrating transformative events.

Whether guiding individual journeys or leading corporate engagements, Ana’s approach is informed by a deep commitment to excellence and a rich background in both academic teaching and competitive sports.

Iza: Your Go-To Event Planner

Iza is a creative, resourceful, and reliable event organizer.

With a proven track record of planning seamless occasions, Iza is dedicated to ensuring that every event she handles is memorable and executed flawlessly.

Her enthusiasm and expertise make her an invaluable asset to Uconnect Solutions and any event she takes on.

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